The mobile online family grows even further

LANXESS reacts to digital developments and sets up optimized Websites for on-the-go

More and more people use Smartphones — those clever devices which let you carry the Internet with you in your pocket and have access to the World Wide Web at your fingertips everywhere you go. New technologies improve and simplify surfing on-the-move on these mobile devices, providing new methods of communication which LANXESS is making more and more available to clients through optimized versions of its corporate Website.

And for good reason, as recent studies show that the use of digital channels is crucial in transactions between businesses (B2B). In addition to personal contact with sales people, search engines and company websites are the main media for gathering information and initiating purchases.

After revising the mobile version of the corporate Website, next up are the Business Units (BUs) who, through further development of their online presence, can introduce products and applications both from and for on-the-move. Brand websites as www.bayferrox.com of the BU Inorganic Pigments (IPG) hold the lead in smartphone usage directly via the browser on the mobile version. Here the information is reduced to the most important essentials, all interactive elements are optimally shown and the contents are tuned to the expectations of the user.

Clear structure, flexible modules
By connecting to the existing content management system that LANXESS uses for its global sites, such mobile solutions are easy to implement. They follow a clear structure and yet can flexibly combine individual content modules – an individual modular system such as some of the BU's already have in use. “We noticed a huge increase in mobile traffic on the Business Unit pages. Through the adjustments, we make it easier for the user and their changing needs”, said Patrick Bonneß, Manager of Online Marketing at LANXESS.