Bayferrox®'s wide variety of colour shades: yellows, reds, oranges, browns and blacks, along with Colortherm Green®, are a benchmark in the market for  high quality and consistency between batches.

Our pigments are characterized by outstanding light fastness, weathering stability, colour intensity and high dispersibility.

Depending on the field of application, the pigments are available in various forms: powder, compacted, granulated and micronized.

Pigments in powder form
Primarily for the colouring of construction materials. Their chemical structure makes them water insoluble, resistant to the alkalinity of cement and lime, acid resistant and stable to weathering.

Compacted pigments: C
Granular/compacted material that make pigment dosage possible with minimal generation of dust  into the air. Specially designed for colouring cement.

Granulated pigments: G
Pigments in granulated form that can be dosed without the formation of dust in the atmosphere. They facilitate correct dosing, weighing and discharging of silos, big bags and sacks. Pigments for the colouring of construction materials. 

Micronised pigments: M
These pigments meet the special requirements of the paints and coatings industry. As a result of the micronization process, which involves intensive grinding, the agglomerate level is significantly lower. Because of this, these pigments provide high dispersibility.  

Our technical department is at your disposal for any enquiries regarding application, dosage or mixture.