Special forms for direct incorporation into concrete mixers or mixer trucks. Pigments approved for structural concrete in accordance with standard EN 12878, Category B.

Pigments with high dispersibility and concentration for direct incorporation into concrete mixer trucks, on site or at plant. 
The Formirapid® range meets the requirements of EN 12878, Category B, and is therefore approved for the colouring of reinforced concrete.

Characteristics of Formirapid® pigments

  • They do not alter resistances and setting times. 
  • Complete fastness to weathering and chemical agents.
  • Rapid incorporation into ready-to-use concrete or mortar. 
  • Easy cleaning of tools with just water. 
  • Comes in a special paper bag which dissolves  in the mortar itself. 
  • Clean dosage without the need for weighing.

    Instructions for use

    Place the unopened bags into the concrete mixer and allow to disperse for at least 5 minutes.

    The recommended dosage is one bag per cubic metre of concrete.


    10 kg repulpable bags.
    Available in 7 standard colours. Custom colours also available, if required.