Small formats for the DIY market. Metal oxide-based colour pigments in powder form for cement and its derivatives, lime and gypsum.

All types are composed of synthetic metal oxide pigments (iron oxide, chromium oxide, cobalt blue and titanium dioxide) that are inorganic, water-insoluble, alkali-resistant and stable to the effects of sunlight and other atmospheric agents.

Pigmentation of mortar in exposed brickwork:
When using white or grey cement, it is possible to match the colour of the mortar to the material being laid (brick, block, natural stone, etc.) or, alternatively, to create a contrast.

Repairs, rustic finishes, etc.

Small building works:

Concrete formwork, concrete surfaces, façade repair, tile fixing mortar (to conceal mortar stains). 

Pigmentation of putty, grout, coloured washes, etc.

Cardboard box with airtight polyethylene bag inside containing 400, 600 or 800g, depending on the bulk density of the pigment concerned. The side of the box shows the approximate colour when the pigment is added to white or grey cement at the percentage indicated.

Hobbycolor/Oxined®/Bayferrox®, can be added directly to the material to be pigmented before or after  adding water and then mixed thoroughly to ensure that it is fully dispersed.

Dosage: it is recommended to add a maximum of 0.8% of the quantity of mortar. 


For lime mortar, it is recommended to double the quantity.