Inorganic Pigments

Pigment selection is crucial for the quality of the final product. 

We have conducted long-term studies into coloured concrete exposure to different weather conditions in various locations around the world and have found that our pigments have excellent resistance to light and weathering. The high quality of our pigments ensures complete reproducibility and consistency between production batches, thereby preventing colour variations. Europigments, S.L. manufactures, mixes and distributes a wide range of pigments to meet market needs: green chromium oxides, titanium dioxide, lightfastness pigments, carbon black for construction, cobalt blue and iron oxides. 

We produce all possible forms: powder, micronized, compacted, granulated and liquid pigments, with various packaging options including normal or repulpable paper and water-soluble or hot-melt plastic bags, supplied in standard weights or small packs from 300 g to 10 kg.

LANXESS’ range of inorganic pigments is divided into pigments for colouring applications and pigments for technical applications. In the latter case, the chemical and technical properties of the oxide are more important than their pigmentary properties. 

Iron oxides are marketed under different brands according to their applications: Bayferrox®, Colortherm®, Bayoxide®, Oxined®, Formirapid®, Hobbycolor and Fluined®.